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Our Journey!

Woody and Melody Holland invite you to Holland Pecan Farm. Located in serene Appling County, Georgia, their 130-acre haven thrives with pecan trees nurtured through their hard work. Their story began in 2003 when they purchased land for hunting and planted a small orchard with 60 pecan trees. This simple act blossomed into a successful pecan farm, leading to their first commercial orchard in 2013 with a harvest three years later. One of their success stories is taking wet pine tree land and converting it to productive pecan land by banking the dirt and using soil building techniques. They are proud to say even the “experts” have been impressed with their progress.

Expanding their farm, the Hollands grow a variety of pecan types, including Cado, Cape Fear, Excel, Kiowa, Oconee, Pawnee, Sumner, and their favorite, the Elliott pecan. Each variety offers a unique flavor, showcasing nature’s abundance. Join the Hollands on their humble journey, savoring Georgia’s finest pecans nurtured by their love for the land. Contact Woody and Melody for your customized needs.

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Customer Reviews

{We have been getting pecans from Melody at Holland Pecan Farm for years. They are good friends and have wonderful pecans. Each year, she tells me exactly when to buy what variety and they always come fresh and ready to eat. Our freezer has one shelf that is pecans for all year. We no longer make sweets, we just eat them as our snack. Breakfast in a parfait; lunch in a salad, Dinner (leftovers from lunch) and when we get hungry between meals, we grab pecans. We like ours just like they are, out of the shell, not toasted. Several of my friends begin to ask me when pecans will be ready as they want to order too. You can't go wrong. We in North Carolina love them!{
S. Brown
{We absolutely love Holland pecans! The pecans are the top quality you can depend on for holiday baking, as well as adding to other dishes year-round. They come packed very well and the shipping is prompt. We look forward to ordering Holland Pecans every year!{
E. Wright
{I cannot say enough about how we enjoy Holland Farm's pecans. I highly recommend their pecans. I use them for snacking and baking. I have given them as gifts and everyone is so excited to receive them. They are beautiful pecans with many varieties to choose from. Check out their website and place your order!{
D. Dahlgren
{I have been ordering the most delicious and fresh Mammoth and Elliot pecans from Holland Farm for a couple of years now.  They are so delicious I eat them raw right out of the bag they are delivered to me in.  I love the free shipping and how quickly they arrive at my door. They are not to be compared to grocery store-purchased nuts.  I wish I had enough for all year round. Looking forward to the fall.{
W. Rhodes

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